Biz Ops Solved About Us

BizOps Solved is the brainchild of Sara Hartary, the Business Operations Consultant and Exit Planning Specialist  A former director of professional services and IT chief of staff, Sara has honed her methodology, which she now uses to empower her clients and make value creation part of organizational DNA.

Sara believes that if you can get everyone on your team marching toward the same finish line, companies can and will meet their coveted inflection points...with gusto. 

Take it from the “business booster,” this accomplished change agent, operations maven, and effectiveness expert knows a thing or three about calming the chaos and scaling a business beyond the current trajectory. Sara Hartary is on a mission to identify hidden opportunities, make mincemeat out of blindspots, and eliminate founder’s disease.

If you need help to stop sinking in the stagnancy that is sabotaging your future success and start creating more earnings, greater growth, and increased bandwidth, reach out to Sara and the good folks at BizOps Solved, because infusing an enterprise with a new way of thinking isn’t easy, but you’re gonna like the way we do it. 

Meet your new unfair advantage.